What Multimedia Production Has Taught Me This Semester

While taking this class I learned so many vital take-aways.

  1. I learned how to manage a blog. I’m not perfect at it but with repetition and practice it should be like clock work after this class is over.
  2. I learned some skills that have already come in handy for out of school projects or internships, including chroma key, Adobe Creative Suite and Audacity.
  3. This class was an eye-opener to me about how much effort and work goes into creative work. It’s fun because its not cut and dry but the work is tedious, which is why it is the least tedious when its something you aren’t passionate abut it.
  4. I actually completed something off of my list, which was creating a blog.
  5. My next goal for summer would be to practice and shoot more videos as vlogs since we are moving I’d like to expand my blog site and include one or two.



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