Netflix Fails to Disappoint in 13 Reasons Why

This was an absolutely well-written show. Netflix fails to disappoint in this original series. I love the creative direction they took with the series. The writers sent a real message about the realities of bullying, teen depression, alcohol/drug abuse, rape and suicide.

It’s the ugly side of being a teenager, but every one can relate or knows a story relating to many of these topics, but no one really talks about it.


Sometimes, as you grow up, you can even just write it off as, “That’s high school. I’m glad I survived it.”

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among teens. Which is why I feel that this show opens up a dialogue that not only teens should hear but also parents and friends. Its not about being cheesy or overly dramatic.

The most raw and authentic part of this series was seeing the emotions of the parents who are left to bury their own child.  I can’t even fathom what must go through the mind of a parent who has to deal with the loss of their child but also feel helpless in knowing they could not do anything to stop it.


There wouldn’t be a need for a show like this if it weren’t a real issue. To all the high school students who have felt similar to Hannah Baker, or know a Hannah Baker, just know it DOES get better. There is more to life than the halls of your high school, keep looking forward.

I feel like a part of the reason this show resonated with me was because it promotes the idea of standing in your truth. Your truth is your truth. It may be ugly, it may feel big, it can even feel scary…but from what I have grown to realize is one thing: Your truth is only as big as you make it out to be.

“Once you stand in your truth, you can BREATHE.”

Yes, you may feel pain, hurt, frustration, whatever, and that sucks. It really does, but EVENTUALLY it will stop. You will realize it will be okay. Nothing is ever so bad that you need to take your own life. Sometimes, you can be your worst enemy, which s why it is so important to talk to someone.

If you have experienced something that has affected you…BE vocal about it. No one can help you, especially if you don’t share how you feel. Even if you can’t talk to someone around you, write it down and give it to someone, even anonymously if you have to.

Find a healthy outlet to express those feelings, if you feel you can’t share it with someone right away like writing in a journal or art.

It will get better with time.



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