Chroma Key Script

For my Chroma Key project I’m deciding to write it on the New Lion King movie coming out. I couldn’t upload it as a .txt format because it’s not supported. Here’s the script:

Chroma Key Script


If I say Hakuna, you say _______.

For all of you die-hard Disney classic fans out there, a new live action reboot is coming.

None other than… the Lion King!

Similar to the Jungle Book remake, the Lion King will use the latest CGI technology to make the animals look as real as possible.

The movie will also include a star-studded cast including: Danny Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, to play the role of Simba.

THE fabulous Queen in her own right Beyonce, is rumored to play the role of Nala.

Although, no news has come from her camp accepting the role yet.

Some speculate it may be Beyonce, who recently announced her pregnancy with twins this past February AND later dropped out as the headliner for the Coachella music festival, needs some much-needed rest.

Like Beauty & the Beast, which was released earlier this month, classic ballads from the original soundtrack will be featured, which would be iconic for Beyoncé!

Jon Favreau did confirm he will accommodate a flexible schedule, should she decide to accept the role.

And… to save the best news for last, the classic, amazing, one-of-a kind Tony Award winning actor, James Earl Jones will reprise his role, post-mortem as the legendary King Mufasa.

For the latest and greatest news and celebrity gossip, tune in Friday nights.

I’m Willa Lareche catching YOU up on the latest at FIU Entertainment, have a great night!





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