Very Little Coverage on Missing D.C. Girls

I was immediately alarmed yesterday evening when my best friend and I spoke on the phone as I got home from school. She told me about 14 different black girls, ranging in age, are missing.

I tried to Google it, nothing.

I checked YouTube, nothing.

I checked Twitter to see if it was a trending topic, NOTHING.

The only place I could find information on this was on Instagram, by local D.C. civilians and celebrities that caught wind of the story! It wasn’t until today I was able to see a news clip online from a “credible” news source.

Even now, if you search on YouTube, no major outlets come up first, it’s mainly bloggers and TMZ, a well-known celebrity gossip site.

Kudos to TMZ for doing a better job reporting than most cable networks nowadays though.

If this doesn’t show that our news media is in need of a major face lift, I don’t know what will. There is a lack of investigative journalism.

ABC News released this video earlier today. It’s  a great start but there are still questions to be answered.

Like why hasn’t an Amber Alert gone out?

Are these girls victims of human trafficking or I’ll say it… being targeted by a hate group?

It’s obvious there is  a pattern here, why delay a search?

Why haven’t the media engaged on this story more?

It seems as though when a white child disappears, it usually is breaking news, Amber Alerts are on full force. I’m just pointing out the difference. Is the media being biased? if so, why?



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