Understanding My Blog Direction

So, I’m trying to find the correct format of running my blog. It’s almost a crash course I’m going through. The tagline is “where authenticity is always expected” and I chose this because I always want to post truth, whether it be in what I stand for, personal interests, or actually fact checking before posting something.

As I’ve reached twenty three posts, I realize I post many different topics. So I’m thinking of organizing my thoughts into categories or pages on the site and using plugins to add features. I’d like to discuss culture, music, movies, politics (maybe) and my own hair, fitness, and travel journeys. Because it has personal topics, I’d think it would be my personal blog, but at the same time I feel like my writing has a more professional tone…most of the time.

I’d like to sort out the details, eventually. Until then, I’ll just keep writing my thoughts.



4 Steps For Explaining The Creative Process


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