FIU Hosts Relay for Life, Fundraiser for Cancer Survivors

On February 24th, FIU hosted the Relay for Life Cancer Walk at the Modesto Maidique Campus. This event was open to community members and students in an effort to fundraise for cancer research. Different organizations, fraternities, and partners hosted a themed-tent at the relay, and sold goods, services all going toward the fundraiser.


Y-100 deejayed the festivities as participants walked round the school entrance with their banners and themes. IMG_0806

Survivors walked as well and white bags lined the pavement in solidarity for those whose lives were taken by cancer.


An organization that I am a member of called AMA, hosted the tent in partnership with the FIU Sales Society. The division of AMA that ran the operation was the Community and Social Impact committee, also known as C.S.I.

Our theme was Spongebob Squarepants. We decorated our tent in representing Spongebob all the way!

Karla, Director of CSI having important conversations
Karla holding  Spongebob to market our Krabby Patties

Good ole’ Spongebob was recreated by myself, using duck-tape, marker, and nail polish…I had to get resourceful.

We sold Patrick Starfish, which were star-shaped rice crispy treats smothered in yellow, white-chocolate.


We also sold little gummy candies that were shaped as sea-life.


The most popular item were our “Krabby Patties” which were really Double Cheeseburgers courtesy of our in-kind sponsor, McDonald’s.


We sold a variety of Rock-Star energy drinks and water, which were a hit as the fundraiser lasts from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

We even had a photo-op cardboard, and little sayings from the t.v. show!

John promoting the Photo-booth for the Sales Society 
Maria, Junior Director of C.S.I. and Karla posing for the camera
Left to Right: Willa, Jacquelyn, Maria, Joselyn, & Karla




Maria, Junior Director of C.S.I. creatively posing with all the props
Erialbana, Junior Director of C.S.I, striking a pose with the “‘Bob”
Erialbana, Junior Director of CSI wearing one of the lays for the tropical paradise backdrop

The group next to us had a doggy kissing booth because their theme was puppy love.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There was a barber on hand for anyone willing to shave their head in solidarity with the movement.

People could partake in body slamming each other with these fun toys! Human bowling anyone?

Overall it was a great experience! All funds went toward the fundraising campaign and we had a blast putting it together!


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