Feature Story Ideas

In class, we are learning about how to interview using video cameras, the proper production techniques and recognizing and using various talent. I have a few Feature Story ideas…

I’m thinking of doing a profile of an artist friend of mine. Her brand is KnowLoveArt. She is a really gifted artist and does designs ranging from canvas painting to digital artwork using PhotoShop.

I’m hoping to do an interview, get some B-Roll of her actually working and maybe interviewing a customer that has her work or is a fan.

Courtesy of @knowloveart on Instagram

Also, I’m considering Maggie Rose Hair Salon, since it is hair salon that focuses on natural hair when unfortunately there aren’t really many  well-known natural hair places in South Florida. With almost 10,000 followers on Instagram, the salon is proving to be a force to be reckoned with!

2017-03-08 (1)
Courtesy of @maggierosesalon on Instagram

Also recently, I just hosted a Website Launch party for my internship where I planned, coordinated the event. I wish I brought the camera because then I could have used that event as an opportunity to feature WhoisDesir. I connected with two other companies while there, The Fit Closet and LaFran Entertainment. One is a media company that seemed very interesting and as the deal with all things entertainment. The other is a fitness clothing company that was started by a very bright an positive individual. I think there is a story in both.

I can’t wait to get started!









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