Valentine’s Day vs Side Chick Day

It’s foul but it must be discussed. In a society that praises double standards in almost everything–and businesses geared toward hiding infidelities and and exposing them–;  an unspoken holiday has reared its ugly head. It’s debatable whether it is the 13th or the 15th of Feb. Although it is solely dependent on the availability of said, cheater, I think it typically would be the 15th because technically the love of your life tends to get the official dates and titles. It also doesn’t help a person’s case should they disappear a day or two before.

note.gifWhen the 15th comes around, that person’s significant other may be so love-filled after the beautiful holiday he or she presents that your disappearance goes entirely over their head.  They may never realize he’s stepped out, or better yet; is sending a courier or friend to drop off the gifts for him so he doesn’t have to leave his significant other and raise suspicions at all.

This day, although not in history books or national calendars, because let’s face it, “we just don’t do that sort of thing” is known as Side Chick Awareness Day.


Ah, yes…Valentine’s Day is reserved for the lovebirds, the beautiful doting wives and girlfriends–or husbands and boyfriends, sparingly. But Side Chick Awareness Day is reserved for the “thots” and “basicas” of the world, that’s internet lingo for “that hoe over there” and “basic bxtches” in case you didn’t know.  side-chick-valentines-gifts15-550x525

Sadly, although it is broken men, or men with some form of a complex (yeah, basically broken men) who typically have the ‘traditional side-chick position open,’ I can’t blame them…at least not entirely.

Some boys want to have their cake AND eat it too.

There are men who were actually raised to believe that having more than one woman in your life signifies your ability to be a man. They were taught to settle-down late in their lives, if at all. I’ve had discussions with a man who actually thinks it is okay to have multiple side-chicks. When I asked him how he’d feel if his girlfriend did the same to him, he responded, “I better not find out because I’d leave her and beat the guy up.” How that makes any kind of sense, I just don’t understand for the life of me.

More often than not, that sort of thinking is created by broken men with trust-issues who eventually become fathers. These guys never realize they are broken to begin with (unless they have a baby girl at some point…sometimes) and pass that garbage onto their sons. side-ho

I’m no expert at the subject, and I’m not a man, but I have witnessed on numerous occasions friends, friends of friends, and even distant relatives living these double standards. When you multiply that by 20 people random people I know, a person can agree the faithful ones are outnumbered. There’s no question as to why infidelity sites exist, there’s a market for it.kristina-flour-185592

Let’s not forget, there are women who do not want to be wives at all. They have either been heartbroken from giving too much to the wrong person, burned by their own dads, or have deeply rooted trust-issues that they can never trust any man or want to take one seriously. So they’re absolutely fine receiving gifts and benefits from a man on Feb. 15th and feel pity on the girlfriend, although they’re attributing to her pain if she were to ever find out.

Broken people tend to be too prideful to look at themselves and really understand how they tick. I think the only way to get rid of this side-chick phenomena is if people actually took the time out to do the following:

  1. Know and own their baggage, so they know their worth. bag.gif
  2. Learn how to listen and cope with the truth so when someone admits to you they are taken, you are okay with it.pauly
  3.   Listen to your conscience and believe in Karma.key.gifJhene Aiko- Comfort Inn Ending, she’s keying his car with his girlfriend in it, she found out she was the side-chick.Do these things so you can avoid becoming these two, Kourtney and Leonard. Sad…just sad, man.
She confronts her ex on why he cheated multiple times. Video below.

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