Gift-Giving on Valentine’s Day

As corny as it is, I think one of my favorite holidays of the year, is Valentine’s Day.  I don’t love it because of the gifts I may receive, because I’ll admit, I’ve been single for a few Valentine’s days myself.  I just love observing people and their behaviors around this time. It really is the most telling, sometimes funny and sweet to sometimes douchey and cold-hearted.

Even if she cheated, this is hella cold-hearted, never-the-less funny. Anyways…

I actually had to go to school on Valentine’s Day to table at a fundraising event for the American Marketing Association (we were raising money to help a local charity raise funds to help kids with mental disabilities).

My Valentine, Ragnar. Taking photos with people at our AMA Photo-booth for donations.
Just the cutest, isn’t he?! Anyways…

As I was on campus,  I witnessed so many boyfriends smiling and anticipating their sweethearts coming out of class and meeting them with a huge bouquet of flowers, teddy bears and candy.


I think the effort is really sweet, I do, but pardon me when I say I think that’s the store-bought, cliche kind of Valentine’s Day. If someone were to get me that each and every year I’d like to think they’re being lazy, matter-of-fact, don’t bother getting me anything at all.   I’d rather something creative, heartfelt and unique.  Over the years, Pinterest has gained popularity and it has a known hub for romantic ideas (thank you, ladies).  I realize that is not really “unique” but it is more inspiring than buying the manufactured bull-crap year after year  for the uninspired, non-romantic types who have no idea where to start.


Even if you didn’t want to use Pinterest, you could send a cute, unique way to say Happy V-Day to your loved ones this year via Snapchat. They had a vriety of LoveGram style fiters this year like this one:

I rarely look around and see something out-of-the-ordinary unless its a flash-mob or something but never-the-less if I am gift-giving, if it isn’t from my imagination, I’m using Pinterest or some other resources to consider a gift or heartfelt sentiment. What can I say, I’m a hopeless romantic.


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