Bryson Tiller Music Review

From Louisville, Kentucky Bryson Tiller has put the Midwest on the map when it comes to the Hip-Hop scene. Trapsoul was his second mixtape release and went on to sell over 2 million copies, going platinum. 


The song that started it all was the heart-breaking ballad, “Don’t.” The entire album could have basically been a penned open love-letter to his ex girlfriend about how much he did her wrong and is now seeing the error in his past ways. 


The singer is classified as a Hip-Hop artist, but is mainly an R&B singer in my opinion. Although, he raps well and sings amazing, he is a part of a new wave of artists influenced by rapper, Drake. These artists such as Partynextdoor, Torey Lanez ad the like, have taken on the killer combo of rap and R&B, bringing more of a female fan base by mixing up their sounds.

 Drake attempted to sign Bryson early on, but He decided to pass on the deal.


He’s released a single sinc, titled “Let Me Explain” which has more of a heartbreak type of melody but remnants of a haunting Genuwine ballad lingering in the background. What do you think? 

Listen to Bryson’s full length mixtape below.


This is by far my favorite song off of the mixtape, “Exchange”


Bryson rarely gives an interview, but here he decided to sit with someone. 




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