Adobe Photoshop In-Class Assignment

In class, I got to use Photoshop and try to enhance various photos. Here’s what I did:

I removed a shine on her nose, and two moles from her face. I also used the burn tool to give her a sun-kissed look.
I removed the subject’s red-eye, enhanced the lighting in the background, and used the burn tool to match her face to the rest of her body. I think the flash was too bright (hence the red eyes) because the background was very dark and her face appeared washed out in the original image.
I removed yellow caution tape from the background on both sides of the image. The caution tape made the image seem busy, removing the tape the photo looks ready for a feature on the FIU website or an article.
I cropped the photo, eliminating unnecessary head space. The poster originally said, Brown University, so I decided to change it to an FIU meet.
The photo was tilted, had a fence in it and had different wording on the sign. I straightened the image, cropped the photo and altered the sign in the yard. It looks better because I used the Rule of Thirds to align the objects. In doing so, the viewer can make the assumption the subject is in the center when in the previous photo, it was hard to decipher.
When I took this photo, it was in the middle of several students. There were arms, and body parts in the photo. I removed all signs of life and left the subjects in there. It is better because it brings the focus to just them.

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