Olivia Pope…move over!


Today, I had a slight taste of what it must feels like to be a Public Relations Manager or Brand Manager. I came into this internship with no prior experience and I felt like I was not sure where to begin.

However, it all changed once I started applying what I was learning in class, pulling from prior mental notes from websites I enjoyed, and a sprinkle-storm of a lot of imagination. I felt like Olivia Pope, just fixing things, and it was a GREAT feeling!


I felt right at home. So far, I’ve written a few editorial pieces declaring the brand, and the prize, for me was the schedule of events. I put together a list of effective deadlines, what we need to complete to be sure those deadlines are met, and I have contributed creatively for concepts.

At the end of the day, I’m learning a PR Manager’s main job is to take the image of a celebrity or client and make them appear larger than life to the press and the public. I am seeing my growth in so many areas, both creatively and also with experience.

I have also learned some techniques for using Photoshop in class. I’m going to a couple of events where I have to snap some pictures and do some light enhancements before putting them on social media. This will be a first, but I think I will need plenty of practice for the shots, and Photoshop.

I can’t wait to get started!



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