Abusive Relationships with Congress

What does this mean exactly?  I must admit I am one that used to be passionate over politics. It was a pass time of mine that my father and I shared. Instead of curling up on the couch to watch a movie, sitcom or a basketball game, we would watch CNN, FoxNews or MSNBC as I grew up. At first, I was annoyed… day in and day out watching the same news stories loop.

Then, I began recognizing news anchors, criticizing viewpoints and interviews. It became a “thing” and I found myself sharing news with my closest friends and debated topics endlessly with my father.

My dad, Willy and I

Recently, my passion for politics have sadly declined after consistently watching stories where there should have been justice where there was none, clearly biased stories, underlying privilege or even downright ignorance.

I’m dumbfounded by the fact that people on both sides refuse to see a “middle-ground”. I don’t understand how these are principles that are taught to children in grade school, “Sharing is caring,” and the latter but adults cannot seem to do the same.

There is a saying, “Between two sides, you will find a truth in the middle”. Something to that effect… why can’t our policies, our politics, our livelihoods be ran this way?

Instead, we have two major parties (no room for anyone else, eh?) bickering over policies non-stop until one side is utterly beaten with exhaustion. Another side that seems to blame the other constantly for issues that started with them to  begin with… everyone outside of the political scope can see it, except these two parties involved with one another. I’m not sure if the people that make up Congress can see these discrepancies and choose to ignore these issues, or if they are just so absorbed in themselves where they believe they must be right, that they can’t even see the truth anymore?

It’s a…a failed marriage. Republicans are Dad, Democrats are Mom, the people watching the debacle are the children. The children have watched for years as Mom and Dad claim they want peace and progress together but the children witness only arguments, anger, and frustration. The kids are screaming for attention but no one can hear the kids.

The kids scream out, “Just get a divorce already!”


They even involve a teacher, Bernie Sanders, as he tries to guide the kids on how to really get some peace at home, but then her come Mom and Dad again.

“Stay out of our lives! We can figure this out on our own!”

Meanwhile, this happened, great job figuring it out.


Furthermore, the kids are being neglected as these two parents are continuously arguing. Dad asks Mom how she feels and plugs his ears simultaneously as she rants. Then he has the gall to ask her to repeat herself again. Mom is fed up with Dad’s shenanigans and keeps asking for ultimatums but never leaves.


If this were a normal situation, Child Protective Services would have been involved long ago. This is embarrassing and there never will be a solution the way it remains.

At the end of it all, how will we ever have a resolution? I’m worried about my future as I prepare for the workforce and my career. Meanwhile, Mom & Dad can’t get it together about insurance, college loans, and many other issues that can affect me directly.

Does that even remotely make sense?

The truth always lies somewhere in the middle.


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