Winter is coming…

I recently admitted on Twitter that this semester was going to be a it of a challenge for me. I partially expected this because it is the tail-end of my Junior year and classes are focusing more on my course of study.

Although I am a bit overwhelmed, I am taking the proper precautions to ensure I pass the semester. Winter can stay just north of the wall, I’m prepared for it.


I decided to leave my part-time job as a bank teller and make school my number 1 priority. I’ve organized all of my books and notes so I can try to stay on top of deadlines and not fall behind in coursework.

I will be learning new software on Lynda that will expedite my projects and save me double the time. Yep, Lynda is definitely listening for my queue.  linda

Especially since I’ve made it my goal to secure at least 3 internships before I graduate. In other words, this year is crunch time.

I started the year off with great news as well. I made the Dean’s List for Fall 2016 semester and accepted an invitation into the Golden Key International Honour Society which I am ecstatic about. I plan on continuing with full momentum and this time, I plan on earning straight A’s.


I also want to get more involved on campus as well. It is going to be an exciting and nerve-racking year.



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