Queen Bey

I told myself I wouldn’t do it, but I started writing about my fun facts and the last one I just had to write was my love for Beyonce. Therefore, it must be done.


I have been a fan of Beyonce’s since I heard “Jumpin’ Jumpin’” on the radio as a schoolgirl back when Destiny’s Child were still making a name for themselves and climbing on the charts. Fast forward nearly twenty years later and Beyonce is still on top.

She has only had 6 studio albums but she has been on the music scene for so long, her fan-base crosses over age, gender, race etc.

She has been responsible for dance crazes, setting the bar vocally with her harmonies, her breath-taking live performances, and her ability to continuously re-invent herself each time she releases new material.

I love to check out concerts but overall, I must say, in my opinion Beyonce is the only artist worth watching live. I got the chance to see her when she was on tour with Jay-Z for the “On the Run Tour” and again for the “Formation World Tour“. The latter sold out very quickly at our local venue, so my best friend and I packed an overnight bag for Tampa for an impromptu road-trip.

We were an hour and a half late because of traffic but we quickly changed our clothes and ran to the stadium. As we tried to pull up our tickets up on our smartphones, the lines were overloaded so we couldn’t load them. We nearly broke down in tears as we heard the crowd explode in applause. It wasn’t until we explained our dire situation that the gate man let us in. I guess he felt bad.

How I felt after being let into the stadium.

Once inside, Beyonce went on for another two hours. She sang  nearly her entire collection of music, mashing in new songs as well as remixing her older hits. Every single song she gave her all on that stage and when she sang a ballad, it nearly brought everyone to tears. tears

I remember looking around during “1+1” and every one was quiet but their body language seemed as though they were being drawn to the stage. Almost as if she were a siren calling to a ship’s death. Except her presence on stage was humble, grateful and peaceful, of course.


I dare say, during this tour, and only this tour alone, she has officially given me Michael Jackson greatness vibes.

She’s F L A W L E S S. RIDIN FLAW.gif


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